Best Home Theater 2020: Buying Guide

Best home theater 2020: Buying Guide

If you want to buy the best home theater, you have to know what are all the features you need to identify this type of instrument.

Here’s everything you need to know about these devices: please continue to read our buyer’s guide that will help you choose the best model that suits you.

What is it and what is it

Best Home Theater 2020: Buying Guide

The home theater system is a tool, consisting of several parts such as speakers and amplifiers, which has a specific end goal, or play audio content as if you were in a movie theater or a theater.

For this reason it is necessary to consider some technical aspects through which you can have the opportunity to take advantage of excellent audio output and enjoy a movie, as well as other television programs, so totally different from the classical and more engaging.

Comparative table of the best home theater

BOMAKER SoundBar con Subwoofer

USB, RCA, Optical, Bluetooth

Optical, Bluetooth, USB, NFC

BOMAKER SoundBar con Subwoofer

USB, RCA, Optical, Bluetooth

Optical, Bluetooth, USB, NFC

How does it work

Best Home Theater 2020: Buying Guide

The home theater system works in a very simple way: after it is connected to the smart TV, or a blue ray player through the audio output cable, the different speakers receive an input, which can be wireless or by cable.

To determine which are the boxes that need to produce that sound is the console that features a home theater system, whose job is to distribute correctly after analyzing every single sound, so that the cash required to enter function can be activated without any complication.

The method of operation is therefore very simple to exploit and thanks to a good installation you can make the most of this instrument

How to choose the best home theater

To choose the best home theater system must become aware of a number of basic features: the number of boxes, the wattage and power, the choice to manage the wires or less and the position of the implant play a very crucial role in choice. Read on to learn more.

Number of speakers (2.1 or 5.1)

Best Home Theater 2020: Buying Guide

The choice on 2.1 or 5.1 speakers is a dilemma that often sends in total confusion those who have to make this purchase.

With 2.1 speakers you will get an effect Dolby Surruond, or you will have a pleasant sound quality that tends to spread throughout the room: high and low tones are very pleasant to hear and above all the voices, as well as other sounds, will be quite finished .

The 5.1 instead provides quality Dolby Digital: The main difference is simply that the sound will be more involving and with some greater effect but, at the same time, it will be less refined.

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Therefore, the choice must fall under the audio quality you want to take advantage of and the size of the room in which you want to install this system.

Wattage and power

Best Home Theater 2020: Buying Guide

On the wattage and power necessary to consider the data and RMS PMPO.

Therefore we must try to carefully evaluate these two data: a good home theater system must have a power and wattage of at least 600 KW in such a way that we can make the most of the plant without the risk of ruining it.

System with Wire or Wireless?

The best solution is represented by a wireless device (wireless), as thanks to the absence of the cables can be positioned in the best way the different speakers, avoiding that these can not be placed in the rear part of the room or on the sides exploiting the ‘entire perimeter of the room of your home where you want to build a home theater system.

Moreover, the absence of the cables also prevents that feeling of disorder and the implementation of measures to conceal the cables.

If the home, especially the room where you want to accomplish this system, does not enjoy too large it is possible to have the opportunity to exploit the version with the wires, the detail to be taken into consideration.

Where to place the audio system

Best Home Theater 2020: Buying Guide

On the placement of the implant, it is necessary to consider the number of speakers and satellites.

That most large must be positioned centrally with respect to its position: that is placed above or below the television, it is necessary that this is the central cash, since it is one of the main equipment.

The two side casings must instead be placed on the right and left of the television, at the same distance: in this way his will be heard with the same quality, so being able to create a sort of balancing with the then different speakers and enjoy output perfect sound.

Finally there are the rear speakers, the ones that will give the feeling of being present in the location where he is conducting that scene: the position must be distant from the TV and must try to place these two boxes parallel to the front ones.

This way you will create a pleasant sound to hear the perimeter and can make you totally immersed in the sound, giving you an end result of top quality.

Best home theater

Within this section you will find all of the best home theater by price range, subdivision that helps prospective buyers an informed choice.

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Home theater low price range (up to 250 €)

The cheapest home cinema system is made by Bomaker: a combo consists of a soundbar with wireless subwoofer 2.1. Despite being an entry-level product, that is economical and low-end, the power of 150w and the sound quality of stereo speakers 4 is far superior than the audio of the integrated speakers in the television.

The bass is powerful, connectivity (RCA – Optics – Coaqssiale – USB) allows you to have no problems with any TV and Bluetooth to turn this into a powerful home cinema speaker.

The four modes: 3D, news, dialogue and music & films, offer different and the weather often rewarding user experience. The simple installation and after sales service are some very positive aspects that enrich the final experience of this product.

BOMAKER SoundBar with Wireless Subwoofer 2.1 Channel, 150W / 110db Surround Sound Speaker System …

The 5.1 home cinema system Sony HT-RT3 is one of the most purchased regard this price range. Sony is a guarantee, especially for this kind of product: Overall the sounds are powerful, defined and high quality. The subwoofer can also be adjusted separately from the rest of the home.

Among the main features of this product is impossible not to mention: Power 600w, 5.1-channel surround sound, Bluetooth connectivity with NFC, Clearaudio + and numerous connections. A product really recommended.

This home theater system is much more powerful than the two listed above. The power is in fact 1000w: enough to consider this product for the creation of a true home theater!

The 5.1 channel sound is reproduced by four speakers and a subwoofer that offer advanced features such as “Bass Boost”. With Bluetooth connectivity with NFC, play and listen to the content via the PC, smartphone and tablet has never been easier: just one touch to sync your devices.

This home cinema system also comes with a Blu-Ray 3D player with built-in wifi, to discover a world of entertainment online and offline in an elegant look and an impeccable style.

Home theater medium price range (from 250 € to 350 €)

The Home Theater JBL designed for the medium price range is a concentration of technology packed into four satellite speakers, a center channel and a powerful subwoofer. In particular, this device is designed to fit into any style of decor, both thanks to the choice of materials and color, both for the size that occupy minimal space.

The JBL Cinema 510 speakers are designed for voice, thus providing crystal clear sound and consistent. The surround effect is more than good, while the sub works much better than expected, almost as if it were of a higher category.

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Choose these 3D stereo speakers to immerse yourself in an almost cinematic sound, but in the comfort of their home. The power of 1000 Watts offers an audio wrap: This home theater system is also thought of all the gaming enthusiasts.

Custom configuration, the integrated controls and the reliability of a brand like Logitech makes this product a best-buy in its class.

Logitech Z906 5.1 Speaker System Dolby Surround, THX, Dolby and DTS, …

The kit Home Cinema 5.1 Yamaha YHT-1840 consists of a 5.1-channel AV Receiver and elegant surround speakers. The AV receiver supports all HDMI specifications, as well as being compatible with the most modern standards: HDCP2.2, HDR, support for 4K, BT.2020 and so on.

It is a device that is approaching, for technical characteristics – quality and price, the higher-end models.

Basically it manages to create a cinematic experience within the reach of every budget.

Yamaha YHT-1840 Home Cinema Kit 5.1, Nero

Home theater high price range (over 350 €)

The first high-end product is the Sony BDV-E4100, a device that brings the sound to a next level. Thanks to the two high speakers can rely to a dynamic sound, very similar to the movie theaters.

It is a complete system consisting of an output of 1000 watts, two floorstanding speakers, two satellite speakers and a powerful subwoofer. Listening One Touch via Bluetooth NFC is that touch that makes this speaker truly useful and convenient. The Blu-Ray 3D player catapult yourself, your family or your guests in the heart of the action.

Sony BDV-E4100 Home Cinema Blu-Ray 3D System, Black

The Sony BDV-N7200W Home Theater System 3D turns your living room into a real cinema 5.1 surround sound offered by the fluid speaker is another level. This complete kit of Blu-Ray allows you to make a film within a very short time, thanks to easy mounting and easy installation and configuration of all the devices present in the package.

The best product ever.

Ranking of best-selling home theater

At this point in the reading you definitely must be wondering what the best-selling home theater systems: the following classification is the most effective devices sold on Amazon.

Offers home theater by type

Below you will find the offerings related to home theater systems by type: 2.1, 5.1, or wireless.

Home theatre wireless

Home theatre 2.1

Home theatre 5.1

Final conclusions and considerations

Within this page you could find out the guide to buying the best home theater (home cinema) on the market. You can deepen the discussion about the TV box, if you want a more economical solution, and the soundbar.

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