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Smart Alarm: Complete guide to the best wireless kit

The alarm smart is one of the best inventions in the world of home automation: you can buy the complete kit consisting of a central, security cameras and siren, which can help us to control and monitor one or more parts of our house.

Within this page you will find the best anti-theft smart, equipped with wireless functionality and compatible with screen readers currently available.

A brief overview

Smart Alarm: Complete Guide To The Best Wireless Kit

The idea that a stranger can stealthily sneak into our house, regardless of the material value of goods that could take away, makes us feel very bad.

Our home is a safe haven, a place where we can strip ourselves we wear armor to deal with the outside world and we can finally relax.

A thief who violates our intimacy not only makes us feel abused in the depths, but it inculcates that thin, overbearing sense of vulnerability that makes us fear for the safety of our loved ones up to take away sleep.

The solution to this terrible emotional distress is to equip the house for a reliable anti-theft system that give us back the lost security. If then the plant in question is one of those that can be mounted without resorting to complex operations and expensive installations, it is even better.

This category of so-called anti-theft alarm systems Smart, and it guarantees to the internet and a fully wireless.

Smart Alarm: what is and what is

The anti-theft Smart, like all smart products designed for the home security, works by exploiting the connection wi fi through which sends notifications that warn of possible break-in attempts.

This information can be accessed remotely via a smartphone but also personal computers and tablets, from every part of the world only to the condition that there is internet coverage.

The use of wireless technology makes this simple to install smart devices; It is in fact exceeded the need to create articulated paths along the walls and expensive work to be contracted to hexoses electricians for the positioning of sensors and sirens.

It is, in fact, of devices to be installed in a matter of minutes and which guarantee high performance of considerable reliability.

The best anti-theft kits smart

You are looking for information to locate the best smart anti-theft kit for your needs?

This ranking can be for you, is the best-selling models on Amazon Italy; The ranking is updated in real time based on sales, but if you keep reading you will find reviews of top models.

Smart Alarm: Complete Guide To The Best Wireless Kit
Smart Alarm: Complete Guide To The Best Wireless Kit
Smart Alarm: Complete Guide To The Best Wireless Kit
Smart Alarm: Complete Guide To The Best Wireless Kit

Standard composition of an anti-theft smart

A smart kit for anti-theft is usually composed of a central receiving data from devices, processes them, and decides what to do, which may consist of sending a notification, the activation of an audible alarm or forwarding of a reporting to police.

Devices that send information to the central are the motion sensors and vibration, knowingly placed in strategic points of the house. Some kits also include smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and infrared motion.

The siren, when the central deemed to activate it, has the task of issuing a warning sound signal, while the GSM module sends messages to preset telephone numbers, which generally coincide with those of the owner and family members, friends or particularly trusted neighbors and law enforcement.

The kit cameras which monitor, constantly, various home environments.

The modularity of these anti-theft systems allows the implementation of the amenities included in various kits, apart from buying more items you want to install in addition the basic system.

Reviews of smart wireless burglar

Just as mentioned above, these are reviews of top models.

iSmartAlarm ISA2G

smart alarm with remote control by tablet or smartphone, in case of intrusion send notifications via e-mail or push message. Easy to install thanks to plug-n-play technology requires no contract or periodic fee and has free application for both Android system iOS.

Once configured preset profiles from the house, the operation of the antitheft device is extremely simple and efficient. The system can be integrated by the number of sensors, both of movement that for the fixtures, sirens or that you want to add.

The outdoor sensors have high resistance to weathering and moisture, and while being extremely sensitive, are reliable and reliable, avoiding the unpleasant phenomenon of false alarms.

The siren signals the change of power from a battery power supply and vice versa.

The only flaw is the transmission of messages only, instead of the call real, since email and sms, in some cases, may go unnoticed.

Technical features

Somfy Protect Home

This smart alarm model is equipped with vibration sensors for doors and windows that allow to detect intrusion attempts with a discrete advance, immediately activating the siren and the transmission of notifications on tablet or smartphone.

An advanced badge recognition system will permanently avert the problem of false alarms, since the system as soon as recognized users, automatically turns off the alarm. A specific function is to send, on your smartphone, a notification that the return home of all family members.

Model simple to install and even easier to control thanks to the App extremely intuitive and completely free, suitable for Android and iOS systems.

The package includes the entire kit, by the control unit to the badge to the recognition system, equipped with rings to be connected easily to a key ring, in addition to three vibration sensors to be applied to the inputs and the internal siren with an attractive design. The external siren, as further possible sensors, can be purchased separately, from the moment that the system is modular and can be implemented as desired.

The entire system, wireless, requires the minimum and the control App installation time is so simple it does not require the need even to read the instructions on the appropriate accompanying manual.

In a little more than twenty minutes the alarm can be installed and, by means of the useful function “test” App, the sensors calibrated according to the functional radius of action to the user’s needs.

Another convenient feature is the one that allows to verify, through the App, the presence in the house of their families and their eventual removal, condition signaled by a gradual fading of the corresponding symbol on the application homepage. The app also sends notifications to remind the user to activate the alarm when is leaving home.

Technical features

Tiiwee House Alarm – Wireless Alarm Anti-Burglary System – Alarm Home Wireless with 120 …

EZVIZ Alarm Kit

This wireless burglar alarm system is a perfect synthesis of home security and ease of management. Constituted by a very compact unit but perfectly able to coordinate up to 32 sensors, among which the fixtures opening detectors, smoke and infrared motion.

The product, which can be delivered to the door in a short time with Amazon, is characterized by the extreme simplicity of installation, facilitated by a voice guidance, and management through an application for intuitive and direct smartphone.

Another feature worthy of praise for the design and the small size of the accessories included in the kit, which are pleasing to the eye and can be distributed to the house without any negative impact from the aesthetic point of view.

All components of the kit may be emplaced in a matter of 20 minutes and, in the case of a modular system, it can be implemented as desired, by purchasing a part of all the elements that you want to add. In the case of burglar alarm activation, the control unit emits a voice signal which, if desired, can be amplified by means of the installation of the siren for indoor use, not included in the kit.

The disadvantage to be noted concerns the lack of a battery, for which all’interrompersi the supply of electric current, the whole system stops working. The problem is solved by buying a powerbank.

EZVIZ Alarm BS-113A Kit, includes 1 unit Alarm Internet A1, 1 Remote Control, 1 Sensor T6 …

Technical features


It is, in all cases above, the smart alarm systems sufficiently practical and safe, sold at relatively low prices.

The common features are its ease both installation and management of all these smart alarm allow you to live with greater peace of any periods of absence from home.

It should be noted, however, that such a system is not only useful in cases of burglary or theft. The smoke sensors, for example, allow you to reassure the hosts for the eventual risk of fire, while the camera helps us to control children, pets and any other domestic situation that you want to keep under surveillance.

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