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Best smartband 2020: Buying Guide

On the following page you will find the complete buyer’s guide to the best smartband. Designed to continuously monitor several body parameters, the smartband, as the term indicates, consist of a technology wrist dedicated daily physical activity.

It is smart devices capable of recording a large part of the movements, save them and then show them on the display of a smartphone as to take advantage of the functionality of a smartband is necessary to have a connection with a mobile device. This happens for the basic models of the product as well as those more improved, being supplied with a display, act independently.

What is it and what is a smartband

Best Smartband 2020: Buying Guide

The smartband is a smart bracelet that is worn on the wrist in a totally like a smartwatch, but which, unlike this, has a long battery. Such devices are also equipped with LEDs indicating the state of charge or the arrival of a notification usually indicated by the onset of vibrations.

Given intermediates between smartwatch and activity trackers, they are able to transmit the data collected via Bluetooth directly on the mobile phone display, but do not have the ability to install or download apps.

In the varied of wearable sector, the smartband offers significant performance that permits its use as a daily support to monitor physiological functions, but also specific activities.

Its main purpose is to carry telemetric detections of parameters, such as motion, the heartbeat, the geolocation and the pedometer, as well as other variable data depending on the different models.

How does a smartband

Best Smartband 2020: Buying Guide

The first function that is sought in a smartband is that of the fitness monitoring, the use of which is dedicated mainly to sports. Most of the models currently available on the market allows you to set the training programs aimed at individual needs and then monitor its progress.

During a race, the smartband is able to count the steps, to calculate calories burned, carried out to evaluate the path (quantifying in kilometers) and also a possible difference in height.

In addition to an informative meaning the services performed during the course of physical activity, a device of this kind is very useful to synchronize their data with a smartphone, so you can always have their vital signs.

In case of accidents it is necessary to make a first aid, the availability of such data can really make a difference.

Another function of smartband is the ability to receive real-time notifications of calls and smartphone messaging, with which you have a bluetooth connection. This possibility proves very useful when the phone is not available under the eyes, perhaps because in office.

The functionality of smartband depends on an electronic component made from special sensors which, coming in close contact with the skin of the wrist, are able to detect the main vital functions.

The discriminating factor between the different models of this smart strap is represented by the presence of a display, on which it is possible to see all the information that otherwise are visible only on the smartphone.

The 10 best-selling smartband

Best Smartband 2020: Buying Guide
Best Smartband 2020: Buying Guide
Best Smartband 2020: Buying Guide

Differences between smartband, smartwatch and fitness tracker

The smartwatch they are smart watches, whose main function is to indicate the time, despite being equipped with apps such as maps, calendar, camera and more that makes them look like real miniature computer. When they are provided with specific sensors, they can detect the heart rate and body temperature.

The smartband are equipped with long-life batteries, they are waterproof and come with all the requirements set out above.

The fitness tracker wrist bands are able to detect certain parameters relating to the movement and physical activity in general, but offer lower performance than the previous.

Smartband Best of 2020

Smart Band Yamay

This smartband is ideal for those who want to lead a healthy and sporting life and is suitable for any age group, from children to the elderly, from man to woman. It is a fitness wristband that, in addition to the normal function of clock with color touch screen display, has many other features, including the pedometer, the calorie counts, the heart rate and blood pressure control. It is a perfect companion for those who want to train outdoors, because it boasts fourteen sports mode and the integrated and, thanks to GPS app VeryfitPro, records all the workout statistics. During each session, this smartband keeps an eye on vital signs and progress, allowing at the same time, you can use your phone: you can receive notifications of calls, text messages and are active the various messaging services and social. You can also wear it in the rain or in the pool or in the shower and is compatible with major brands of smartphone, PC and tablet and Android systems 4.4, iOS 8.1 and all subsequent versions, but it is not compatible with the Huawei P8 and Samsung J3 and J5. It is recharged in one or two hours, thanks to a simple USB connection.

Yamay Fitness Tracker Smartwatch Watch Men Women Blood Pressure Smart Watch …

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The Xiami I Band 3 is one of the lightest smartband on the market, thanks to its 20 grams. It has a touch screen display from 0.78 inches and a 110 mAh battery that lasts up to twenty days. It is an ideal model for athletes, complete with heart rate monitor, pedometer and calorie counter, but it works like a regular smartphone, ensuring receiving calls and messages, and the ability to share their training on social. It can be used under water, up to fifty meters deep and five atmospheres, and is compatible with Android 4.4, iOS 9.0 and higher. Finally, for those who have trouble sleeping, this smartband is able to analyze your sleep, providing the information needed to improve their sleep.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Activity tracker with heart rate monitor [EU] version, screen …

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

It is a larger model of about 40% compared to those commercially available and benefits of an OLED color display, which offers a better brightness (even under direct sunlight), ideal for those who have vision problems or for those It is often outdoors. Its battery has a range that can go from ten to fifteen hours and is water resistant, reaching fifty meters deep. In addition, it is able to recognize the swimming style of who is using it in the pool or at the beach, recording useful data and information for people exercising. Telephony capabilities are canonical: calls, messages and notifications, but is also useful as a heart rate monitor, pedometer and calorie counter and to monitor their sleep when breathing problems or sleep apnea. For those who want to indulge themselves, the display is customizable, thanks to the many downloadable watch faces both online and through apps.

Xiaomi 4, Smart Band Unisex Adult, Black, One Size

Huawei Band 3 Pro

This smartband weblog Huawei is characterized by the color display AMOLED (resolution of 120 × 240 pixels), is resistant to water and has the built-in GPS, but most importantly it is in possession of a certified technology Harvard Medical School for the analysis and monitoring of sleep. It is also good to control the heart rate, both during the day and night and offers excellent performance thanks to high-speed connectivity (Bluetooth 4.2) and 100mAh battery, which can last several hours. The very small size (45x19x11 mm strap included) to twenty-five grams of weight make it an ideal tool to carry with him always, in every place, especially when you are outdoors.

Fitbit Inspire

This model is ideal for athletes, since it is able to track every sport, recording time, distance, time and heat burned. It has a backlit touchscreen display and is equipped with a battery that provides a range of up to even five days. With SmartTrack system registers independently all exercises that take place every day, from race to ride a bicycle, “celebrating” with fun animations every new achievement. It is waterproof, it can reach up to fifty meters deep, and you can wear it easily in the pool than in the shower. It is compatible with both Android and iOS system with Windows 10.

Fitbit Inspire, Tracker for Fitness and Wellness, Black

Fitbit Charge 3

This model is one of smartband with a range of longer battery on the market, up to seven days. It is designed to resist water, at a depth of fifty meters, and is capable of recording independently each exercise that takes place, always keeping under control the heartbeats and the advances that are obtained during training. It monitors and controls sleep and offers over fifteen sports to choose from, including running, swimming, yoga and cycling. For each of these, you can set a goal that will be analyzed by a number of visible statistics in real time during training. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android.

Fitbit Charge 3, Advanced Tracker for Fitness and Wellness Unisex Adult, resistant to 50 m, …

Samsung Galaxy Fit

This Samsung model ensures a lightness and enviable ease of handling, weighs only 15 grams, ideal for those who want to have it always with you, but without feeling the presence or weight. It is one smartband suitable for those who train, but also to those who love the sport style. The battery can last for an entire week and is water resistant up to 5 ATM. Thanks to Galaxy Fit system, helps to improve training standards and, where this is practiced for over ten minutes, the smartband begins to monitor vital signs, monitoring, in particular, the heart beats. It features Bluetooth connectivity, through which keeps us in touch with the outside world without having to use the telephone and takes care of sleep, monitoring in real time a night’s rest, recording quality and possible faults.

Samsung Galaxy Fitⓔ Black with Accelerometer, Bluetooth v5.0 Training Tracker, Display 0.74 “…

How to choose the best smartband

Display Technology

The display is the main requirement useful to make best use of smartband; It is currently available on the market various types of display, including the most common are the OLED and QLED, which offer high-level performance visibility and better battery management. In fact, the brightness contrast of these models has been improved especially in the presence of intense sunlight, which could prevent a correct vision.

Usually the display is MonoTouch, while only in the most technologically advanced models it is multitouch, and provides the ability to tap into contemporary more than one area of ​​the screen. Another option for the screen is that of the LCD display, touchscreen and always backlit, but that has some small differences with the previous regarding the brightness.

The e-Paper display has been offered by Sony for some smartband models that can use a 1.4-inch brush that allows you to “write” just as on paper (paper).

Performance and autonomy

Regarding the performance of smartband, they differ considerably in relation to the different models available and the type of requirements.

The RAM (Random Access Memory), which allows to store the information, represents the primary one and is able to contain data only when it is fed, interrupting its functions when the unit is turned off.

The smartband more advanced models have more RAM and therefore offer more competitive performance, for better RAM means more power of the appliance.

The processor, also known as CPU (Central Processing Unity), represents the mind of smartband and similarly to what happens with all electronic equipment, must guarantee excellent functional performance.

The last generation of intelligent models bracelets are equipped with processors that allow a much improved operation at the highest level especially for the storage of information.

Also the total duration of the memory is strongly influenced by the type of device and is a parameter to be evaluated carefully before buying the best smartband.

smart and monitoring Functionality

The smart functionality of these devices are recommended for use not only in the context of fitness, but also for the monitoring of numerous vital parameters. Thanks to the information derived from the hardware integrated in the cuff and the smartphone software is then offered the opportunity to detect activities such as pedometer, converting distances, gradients encountered and calories burned.

All basic models come with the option pedometer, which, in the most professional, is integrated with a built-in GPS, used for geolocation. Thanks to sensor technology, smartband can detect the optimized parameters to the type of physical activity practiced, and also to monitor the data at rest.

It is very useful to sports functions, intend to set up training programs perfectly suited to their conformation and the body’s well-being.

The fact of being able to register their parameters during the fitness allows not only to keep track of such data, but also to monitor the body’s physiological conditions, assessing the possible progress.

The functional synergy between recording of physical activity and of the organic behavior is in fact the basis of a proper sports setting. Keep under control their daily lives, even solely relative to the usual displacements from home to work, to a simple bicycle ride or to carry out the usual tasks families allows you to monitor the situation in a clear and reliable.

We must not think that smartband are useful only in moments of crisis (when in any case prove valuable to solve various health problems), since they are also in the course of everyday actions.

A physiological level the smart bracelets are able to detect the frequency of the heartbeat (via a heart rate monitor), the basal activity during sleep linked to its quality and to the number of hours of rest, the menstrual cycle with the dater discovery and status the general health of the individual.

The monitoring of the night’s sleep is a function mainly particularly appreciated by people who suffer from sleep disorders such as sleepwalking or sleep apnea, given that ensures a continuous control and very valuable.

There are also programmable alarm notifications. In addition to recording, these electronic devices also allow the sharing of information gathered, offering the opportunity to conveniently share with others. The miniaturization of the news and their contemporary equivalents represent the two main attributes of smartband.

Design and waterproofing

All smartband are characterized by a rather simple and straightforward design, consisting of a plastic material band bracelet equipped with an upper display with touch screen. The various models available on the market may differ in some tiny detail, but overall they look like.

For those who practice water sports you need to choose waterproof products, a feature almost always present.

Conclusions and final considerations

Opt for a smartband means choosing an intelligent device that delivers performance features at an affordable price and in any case suitable to the many functions offered.

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