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The best electric unicycles 2020

Over time, companies investing in battery technology are able to innovate across a range of markets; among these it will especially benefit from the electric vehicle industry.

The electric unicycles are some very interesting vehicles: if you want to discover all our considerations, find out what the best model and the perfect one for your individual needs, then you’ll want to keep reading.

Some people believe that driving a vehicle of this kind is more complex than an electric skateboard or a hoverboard: sincerely with a little ‘practice even those who are denied can really have fun and travel hundreds of kilometers without even realizing it!

We examined six of the best electric unicycles on the market, and for evaluating several possible buyers preferences suggest you our list.

The electric unicycles Bestsellers

The Best Electric Unicycles 2020
The Best Electric Unicycles 2020
The Best Electric Unicycles 2020
The Best Electric Unicycles 2020
The Best Electric Unicycles 2020

1. Inmotion V8: the best electric unicycle

The unicycle Inmotion V8 is a modern vehicle with some great features. The vehicle offers a maximum speed of 20 km / h thanks to its power can travel also perfectly obstacles such as rocks or gravel.

2. Swagtron’s Swagroller – The cheapest

The Swagtron’s Swagroller is a self-balancing electric unicycle modern and trendy. It is sold with a kit for beginners and is easy to use. The accessories for the wheel – that “unlocks” a mode for training – allows you to gain some confidence before starting the motorcycle through the streets of the city. The vehicle has good speed and is resistant to many types of roads. It works very well in difficult terrain thanks to its dual-wheel design. The swagroller is our choice as the best electric unicycle.

3. One Segway S1 – Best value for money

The segqay S1 is great until it remains on a solid and stable ground. It has many features that you’ll like, including an application that really teaches you how to drive the vehicle. The segways One S1 reaches the speed you want and suits your daily activities.

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4 – Apex Star Speeder The SP800 – The unicycle faster

The apex 1 Star SP 800 is very fast and can reach great distances. At the same time it is also excellent for beginners, since it is equipped with a self-balancing technology. ApexStar hurtling over 35 km / h and .. is fantastically fun!

5. ArtWheel Kingsong – The most durable

The artWheel Kingsong is designed for music lovers! It has integrated speakers that allow you to hear the music you most prefer as you speed through the streets of the city. The vehicle is light and carries quite easily. Recharging is fast and steady: perfect for those traveling on the road and less off-road.

6. IPS 191 – (no longer available)

The IPS 191 is an electric unicycle difficult to review. Reviews of users do not match the hardware specifications and many of them have indeed had problems. Before its removal from the market was a real rock star, able to outperform all of its competitors!

The criteria used for this review

This is a list that contains all the elements that have been taken into account for drawing up the official list of the best electric unicycles.

Maximum speed and distance

Compared with hoverboard, unicycles are made to travel faster and longer. These vehicles are in fact made to cover a larger chilometrattio: for this speed and distance are the parameters that we have absolutely taken into account and that have great weight in this review.

Ergonomics and design

Modern electric unicycles are trendy and design of some is really nice. Apart from the purely aesthetic beauty, the design also affects the overall performance of the vehicle. The choice of design affects fact the stability and maximum velocito. We also considered extras: speakers and LED lights to name a few.

Construction and maintenance

The unicycles travel for kilometers and kilometers, for this you need a good built directly by the parent.

Ordinary unicycles are resistant, but not enough electrical ones must withstand off-road, water and weathering all.

Moreover, even the battery and power play an important role: the climb is not a child and in some models tested (but not included in this review) we encountered serious problems.

The price

Of course, we also took into consideraizone price. Since I’m very recent means the price is still high. In fact we controlled very well the price: we want all the users of our site to choose the perfect model only for THEIR needs.

Other features to consider

In this list we have included some of the basic characteristics to be verified on each electric unicycle that you want to buy.

The maximum weight

Here it made a brief comment on the pilot. Each driver is different, not all have a reduced weight and a similar height. In our reviews we came across a number of unicycles designed for a really “light public.” We recommend that you always check the maximum weight that can support each device.

Battery power

The battery is a key feature: it is the heart of a unicycle. A small-sized battery that is easily consumable means and delivers a low power during use. Example: InMotion V8 works great when charged, but performance decreased by 20% when the battery is running out of everything.

Engine performance

The main characteristic that differentiates the various electric unicycles is the power delivered by the engine. A handsome engine is synonymous with speed and maximum walking distance. In addition, it also ensures the possibility of going off-road and on difficult hiking terrain.

Frequently asked questions about electric unicycles

What is a self-balancing electric unicycle?

An electric unicycle autobilancia refers to a series of mechanical that balance the vehicle more stable rendolo. It uses a gyro system to control the balance of the vehicle during use. In other words, the operation of the gyroscope is like a coin spinning. More money spins, the more speed it tends to remain straight. With the speed minuire the possibility that the currency from falling more and more increases.

In a sense, it does not help to balance the race because it is a task for the pilot.

How does an electric unicycle?

The operation of an electric unicycle is different compared to that of a hoverboard. A major difference is the wheel between your legs. A unicycle eelttrico follows the same principle during acceleration and deceleration, at each change of direction and at each braking.

Even the steering is completely different since it also drives with his legs as well as balancing the body.

What are the characteristics to be checked before you buy one?

The first factor to consider for those who want to buy an electric unicycle is the price. Usually the price varies greatly depending on the band and the final quality of the product: give yourself a maximum budget and look for all the products that fall.

Chosen the budget it does not is to just consider the following characteristics:

Why do you want to buy a unicycle? You’ll be using the free time, the off-road events, or to make us the trick? You always have to consider the end use of each product you want to buy. Some vehicles are designed to make best on straight roads without potholes, others give their best off-road.

Top speed is a big factor to consider: the always look at the technical characteristics of each vehicle!

The distance is a parameter that varies greatly depending on the battery, the maximum speed and other features such as the weight of the pilot. Even in this case by a look at the technical characteristics specified by the manufacturer to avoid unpleasant drawbacks.

The weight limits are very diverse and vary from model to model, but generally are about 110kg. Do not forget to aggiurne to your weight even one of your clothes and any backpacks.

If you think each ride once in a while or every day there is a difference. If you will use it everyday then you have to consider a battery with a rapid charge. Most of the vehicles takes approximately 4 hours to fully recharge.

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